Let me go... Love is Made from  Butterfly Wings
Will you Listen
Kind zijn
NL Ballade/Drama
I will be your Angel
Video Clips
I can leave
I won’t run this time
It’s not Enough
Wake me up
NL Ballade/Drama
Zonder jou besta ik niet
Zij is deze Wereld Niet
Alles is Anders nu
I Wish you have
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Hi, thanks for taken the time to visit my songs page… Just to be clear right from the start. I’m not a singer. And I’m not a musician. I do create / write the music myself. But the sounds of the instruments is digitally created with the aid of a MusicMaker. It is my voice you’re hearing… But again… Not a singer. So, the why of this page… Sending a demo to a lable, or an artist, music publisher… is… well pointless. You see… The songs are not ready. They are idea’s of a song. Drafts…
If you want to use these songs… Or if you want me so send you the melody and lyrics of new songs… (which will mean me singing in a demo) Please contact me…
The copyright of these songs belong to Gerda Hut. Alias Dawn Avalon.
Memory of home
Find me
One of us
It’s a sad sad fantasy
I am an angel without wings