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Sometimes writing a book takes too long to express what you feel and or what you want to say… These are the songs that come into my mind, my heart and my soul. I want to share them with you and the world. But I can’t sing (nice). Nor is it my dream to be a singer/artist. I am a creator. All you have to do is add music. So if you can sing (nice)… Sing my song… If you are a Lable in need of a songwriter, or you like one of these songs?
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The copyright of these songs belong to Gerda Hut. Alias Dawn Avalon.
Originated from the realization that people always color you in in the image they have of you. And / or want to have.
Zij is deze Wereld niet
Zonder jou besta ik niet
Born from the realization that nothing is what it seems anymore. It’s okay with me that ‘you’ means God to you. But integrity, or truth is equally possible.
I am an angel without wings
Originated from… Do you know who I am? Truely?
Born from ... Free-spirited woman falls in love with rigid cowboy. Wants to get away from him, but doesn’t want to be without him either.
I can leave
It’s not enough
Originated from ... No matter how many reasons people say why they do something. Basically there is always the need for love. To love and / or to be loved.
One of us
Born from ... A young mother who wants to escape an abusive relationship with her little son
Papillon de la Reine
Born from ... Prayer from Mary Stuart's best friend, Queen of the Scotts, just before the beheading she witnesses.
Born from ... The knowledge that the exploits of women are consciously concealed and hidden. That beauty, intelligence and wisdom through the ages at all times could be seen as a threat. Resulting in an accusation of whore, witch or a silenced statement.
Wake me up
Find me a way
Originated from... A memory of an old and lost love…
It’s a sad sad fantasy
Born from ... Also a memory of an old, lost love that has never been found / reborn.
Bitter sweet story
Born from ... A woman who is trapped in an abusive relationship and wants to leave ...
Let me go
Originated from a feeling of being the frog in the pan that gradually turns to boiling... To have to shut up. Silenced. I was reminded by someone who said ... Whoever fights hate ... gets overwhelmed by it… I'd like to scream, but then I'm just like them. And well ... As long as you can swim, right?
Mag ik wat stilte om me heen
Originated from an impossible love. (ps, the melody of the chorus is not mine… but I don’t know where I heard it before)
Butterfly wings
I wrote this song for my fantasy novel 'Bloedvloek, Nevelen van het heden). It tells about a love based on fear.
Dawn Avalon.NL
Copyright Dawn
Born from… When you shine you have many friends… But when you stumble… you see the one who is truely a friend.
Cum tu meVolare
Born from… A song from an angel who must live as a human.